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G&O, as a subsidiary of the OHLA Group, actively participates in the Group’s corporate research, development and innovation policy. G&O forms an integral part of all the Group’s efforts in these fields.

We have an R&D&I Management System certified according to the UNE 166002 standard, which guarantees that our research activities are carried out in a coordinated, efficient and transparent manner.

Several of our R&D&I projects have been certified under the UNE 166001 standard by entities accredited by the Spanish accreditation agency (ENAC). One such project worth highlighting from the railway sector is the project SAVI: SAFETY SYSTEMS DURING ON-TRACK RAILWAY INTERVENTIONS. The result of this project has been protected under current patent No. PCT/ES2016/070420.

We have established agreements with research centres and universities to develop some of our R&D&I projects. Specifically, G&O collaborated with Madrid University’s Higher Technical School of Telecommunications (ETSI UPM) on the SAVI Project.

It should also be noted that our gas and oil pipeline division has developed, through its own R&D&I resources, a semi-automatic brushing machine to clean metal pipelines protected by patent No. PCT/ES2015/070451. This machine has led to a substantial improvement in the performance of external pipeline cleaning operations.

As an integral part of the OHLA Group, we have partnerships with technology providers to evaluate and implement digital improvements in our equipment and processes.

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