Repair due to damage to the 220 Lleida-Manresa line. Section Puigverd de Lleida l’Espluga de Francolí

Spain / Lleida
  • 1,193 m precast concrete frames
  • 24,420 m contact wire for catenary
  • 18,277 m communications and signalling cable
The works involved reconstructing facilities affected by torrential rains, including cross-drainage works, platforms, riprap protection, track assembly and electrification, and safety and communications installations.

Main units

  • Excavation volume: 184,177.4 m3
  • Formation of embankments: 69,866.64 m3
  • Placement of riprap: 86,750.36 m3
  • Installation of 2,560 metres of track

Supply and installation

  • 1,193.2 metres of precast concrete frames
  • 6,602 metres of precast concrete guttering

Supply and placement

  • 9,835.03 m3 of ballast on track

Supply and installation

  • 24,420 metres of catenary contact wire
  • 22,680 metres of bare copper feeder cable
  • 7,630 meters of LAC grounding cable
  • 6,633 metres of cable for sustainer

Supply and laying

  • 16,443 metres of 64-core fibre optic cable
  • 18,277 metres of communications and signalling cable
  • 4,891 metres of high-voltage cable


Before and after photos of our work can be seen below: