Civil works and commissioning of the Medellín Tramway. Colombia

Colombia / Medellín
  • 12,5 % de pendiente
  • 3 Estaciones
  • 6 Paradas

Execution of the infrastructure, track superstructure and electrification of a stretch for double track that runs mostly through urban zones. With a length of 4.3 km and slopes of up to 12.5%, it is the first modern tramway system in Latin America.

The tramway platform is made up of a granular base on which two concrete slabs 45 cm thick are placed, with a central RG28 rail on top for guiding the TRANSLOR tramway system.

The project also includes the construction of:

  • 3 Stations
  • 6 Stops
  • 1 workshop and depot building
  • Execution in the Quebrada de Santa Elena, with steep slopes transversal to the platform, with a foundation of 10,000 m of deep piles between 1.20 and 2.00 m in diameter
  • 4 track devices (crossovers) and 1 turnout to the entrance of the workshop and depot building
  • Service networks for sewers, longitudinal and cross drainage, public lighting, electricity, gas, telecommunications, etc.