Rehabilitation of the Ankara-Istanbul railway line. Turkey

Turquía / Ankara-Estambul
  • 206 km de doble vía
  • 1.000 km de cables de señalización
  • 4 viaductos

The works consisted of the development of the project, financing and construction of 206 km of double-track for the high-speed line between Ankara and Eskisehir. This included not only the project for the track infrastructure and superstructure, but also the work for the infrastructure, construction of buildings and platforms, track installation work, electrification and signaling and communications.

Basic units

  • The basic units associated with earthmoving were 14,640,302 m3 of excavation, 12,336,072 m3 of embankments
  • The units associated with drainage and structures were 282 units brickwork drainage works, 517,967 m3 of concrete, 45,793 m2 of decks in 4 viaducts, 49 overpasses, 32 underpasses and 1 tunnel 483 m long
  • The units associated with the track superstructure and electrification were 988,546 m3 of ballast, 50,847 t of steel for rails, 671,533 sleepers and 525.6 km of catenary
  • The units associated with the signaling and communications consisted basically of 1,000 km of signaling cable, 243 km of communications cable and 284 km of fiber-optic cable