Construction project for the railway infrastructure in the Huelva Station. Spain

Spain / Huelva
  • 1 Electronic interlock with remote control
  • 1.200 m2 of station
  • 1 Outside urbanization

The works consisted of the execution of the railway infrastructure in the Huelva Station, with earthmoving, formation of track yards and platforms for the passenger service 410 and 226 m long and a technical platform. The platforms are equipped with shelters with lighting, signaling, information and timer panels. The passenger building of the 1,200 m2 station was also constructed and other significant units such as:

  • New electronic interlocking with remote control
  • Urban development of taxi stand, bus stop and passenger access that include sidewalks, shelters and urban furniture
  • Perimeter fence around the entire station area
  • Installation of fire-protection systems and external evacuation zones
  • Execution of accesses to the station and connection to the urban environment